Offer a Safe Environment

Successful Preschools and Child Care Centers set-up their space to allow children to safely explore the world around them which builds confidence, independence, and self-esteem. Rising Stride Child Care Centers is filled with discovery centers that encourage kids to take a hands-on approach to learn.

Encourage Children to be Independent

Toddler and preschool teachers spend a large part of their day teaching children self-help skills using a toolbox of positive encouragement and motivation

Promote Children as Decision-Makers

When you allow children to make decisions, you teach them to trust themselves. Every day, we encourage our students to make decisions at preschool – some guided and some not. What do they want to play with? Who will they play with? “What will I build with these blocks?”

Encourage Children to Self-Regulate their Behaviors and Develop Patience 

Preschool and child care classrooms are often bustling with activity. Some children may need help going to the bathroom while simultaneously another child needs support putting on their shoes for the playground. Luckily, good teachers arm children with the skills that guide them to be patient and work cooperatively.

Help Children Learn Empathy

When they help others, children not only become empowered to do good but gain self-confidence.

Develop Critical Thinking Skills

When children develop critical thinking skills, they are given the chance to exercise their own independent judgment.

Provide Opportunities to Take on Meaningful Roles

Whether your child is the teacher’s helper, the line leader, or the weatherperson for circle time, they are given many opportunities to take on responsibilities that grow self-esteem and a positive view of themselves.

Encouraging Connection, Play, Learning, and Acts of Kindness  

These actions can give your child a broader perspective and a deeper sense of purpose, guiding them toward happiness and fulfillment. “Your job is to allow your kid to be who they are, to continue to love them, and give them opportunities to connect, to play, to learn, to give,” says Steve Gross, Chief Playmaker at Life is Good Playmaker Project.

Embrace the Journey  

You can help your child see the goodness within themselves, others, and the world around them. By providing a supportive environment, cultivating essential life skills, and encouraging healthy risk-taking, you can set your child on a path toward a fulfilling and meaningful life.

Create a Positive Environment

In almost every article I read about resilience, a positive outlook is a cornerstone of the resilient child. We never underestimate the power of a smile, a laugh, and an overall positive spirit when it comes to our preschool teachers.

Provide Love and Support for Each Child

Children who can establish positive attachments to non-family members are more apt to be confident and have a positive self-image.