Revised August 23, 2022

Our facilities carefully follow the required cleaning protocol, handwashing procedures, and other health practices set
forth by the Office of Child Development and Early Learning and Keystone STARS Quality Standards. In addition, we use
the following mitigation strategies:

Daily Health Screenings

We instruct staff and families to conduct an at-home screening before coming to the facility. An informational flyer is distributed on paper, available on our website and posted at each entrance to our facilities.

Face Coverings

Beginning Monday March 21st, face coverings are optional for staff, families, and children.

Vaccination and Testing Requirements for Employees

Employees are required to submit: Verification of Covid-19 Vaccination (including a Booster in accordance with the time frame recommended by the CDC) OR Weekly Covid-19 PCR test results from an approved professional testing site (at-home test results are not accepted).

    • Unvaccinated employees who are required to isolate or quarantine due to Covid-19 exposure are not compensated for missed days of work (unless previously submitted documentation establishes medical or religious exemption from vaccination).
    • Vaccinated employees (including Booster in accordance with the time frame recommended by the CDC), and those with previously submitted medical or religious exemption, will be paid for required isolation or (up to five days) with submission of doctors note specifying dates of absence due to Covid-19.

Reporting and Testing

We ask families and staff who become aware of a positive case of Covid-19 to please report it to the location Director immediately. If the positive test result is from a home test, we ask that the infected individual get tested at an approved professional testing site as soon as possible and submit results with name, date, and result. This allows us to follow proper contact tracing and reporting procedures and provides valuable information for those who were potentially exposed.

Quarantine and Isolation Time Frames

    • Persons who test positive for Covid-19 must isolate for 5 days. If after 5 days, the person is asymptomatic or has resolving symptoms, their isolation period is over;  they should wear a mask around others until day 10.  Children under age 2 who are not required to wear a mask and children who are not capable of keeping a mask consistently MUST isolate for 10 days.
    • Persons who have been exposed to someone with Covid-19 no longer have to quarantine.  Exposed persons should wear a mask for 10 days and test on day 6 after the exposure date. Children younger than 2 years who cannot wear a mask for 10 days can continue activities without a mask but should still test on day 6 after exposure.

Procedure to Return to Facility after Isolation

Any child or facility person reporting positive test results or showing symptoms of Covid-19 cannot be in attendance at the child care facility. Upon return, the individual must provide a written note or a negative test result signed and verified by a physician or nurse practitioner (CRNP) clearing them to return to the child care facility. A home test or any other negative test results that have not been reviewed, signed and verified by a physician or CRNP will not be acceptable for a child or a facility person to return to the child care facility.

Please note that the above plans are subject to change based on the guidance we receive from our regulatory agencies.