Kids have a lot of energy, and it’s important to channel that energy into something fun they’ll love doing. Choosing the right Thanksgiving Crafts for Preschoolers will keep them entertained while still helping them learn new skills or be creative. As you can imagine, there are countless activities to choose from, but all responsible parents know that not all tasks are appropriate for little kids. For that, we have selected some of the best Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers that you can find online.

The list contains all kinds of activities, from easy to complex ones. They are also suitable for kids of different ages and skill levels, so you’ll be able to find one perfect for your children.

What Do Kids Get from Doing These Thanksgiving Crafts?

These Thanksgiving crafts for preschoolers will get your kids out of their shells and encourage them to interact with each other. They will also be able to practice their fine motor skills and problem-solving abilities, as many of these crafts require some manual dexterity. Also, some of these crafts can be used as decorations for your home. They are also great for getting kids involved in the holiday spirit and excited about Thanksgiving. As an added bonus, these crafts are fun and educational, so they will help your kids learn while having a blast!

1. Mason Jar Leaf Lanterns

Mason jar leaf lantern with lit tealight candle beside it

Assign your little one to this decorative craft and let them create a beautiful lantern out of recycled jars. This handmade craft is not only cost-effective, but it is eco-friendly as well. A few things that you need to purchase are artificial maple leaves and glue, which don’t cost much. The rest you can get at home. Once done, you get a candle holder that boasts such autumnal elegance; no one will suspect your preschooler created it. For more instructions on how to create this craft, visit One Little Project.

2. Handy’ Thanksgiving Wreath

Second Grade Reading & Writing Activities: 'Handy' Thanksgiving Wreath

Around this time of year, lots of families purchase decorative wreaths to display on their doors. But you can make your own DIY Thanksgiving wreaths for less money than most store-bought ones. This craft is both simple and cost-efficient, perfect for your budget. Just cut out an outline of your toddler’s hand, make several copies, and ask your child what they are grateful for. Write all the answers on the paper hands and glue them for a wreath you will always remember fondly. 

3. Turkey Color Match Craft

turkey color match craft

When you want to add a learning aspect to crafting, then this turkey color-match craft is perfect. Cut out circular pieces of felt or construction paper in the same sizes, and make sure to have at least six colors for the feathers. Use yellow construction paper for the beak and leg parts and red for the wattle. Once done, carefully glue these pieces on the paper plates; in no time, you will have a beautiful craft for the kids. Don’t forget to cut small pieces of crumpled construction paper and give them to your child, then have them match the colors of the feathers. 

4. Painted Rocks and Leaves

Painted Rocks & Leaves Thanksgiving Table

Crafts for kids are always fun, and this one is no exception. All you need are rocks, leaves, paint, and a brush, then let your child go wild with their imagination. You can even tell them facts about different kinds of rocks and leaves as they paint them. Make the holiday fun with this simple craft for kids, and they will love the fact that they can use these painted rocks and leaves to decorate their homes.

 5. Thanksgiving Pilgrim Hat Craft

Pilgrim paper hat Thanksgiving printable craft for kids - Happy Paper Time

Kids love to wear a hat, and if you let them choose their favorite style, they will never hesitate to create their own hat. This craft allows children to get into the holiday spirit and allow them to pretend to be a pilgrim. This is one of the best craft projects to do with kids because it will give them an opportunity to be creative and imaginative.

 6. Pine Cone Turkey Craft

This is a fun Thanksgiving craft for families to do. All you need is a bunch of pine cones, googly eyes, assorted pipe cleaners in various colors, and hot glue. Turning them into cute turkey crafts. This would be perfect for the kids at home, as they don’t take up much space and are easy to make. Another benefit of this Pine Cone Turkey Craft is that it can be displayed at home as it doesn’t get damaged easily, and there is no need to put it away after school.

 7. Paper-Roll Pilgrims and Indians

Pilgrim Toilet Paper Roll Craft | Meaningful Homeschooling

Children love to hear stories around the Thanksgiving dinner table, and it gets even more engaging when you use toy characters to recreate the story. Your kids will love this craft that uses paper rolls to create pilgrims and Indians. This craft is so simple yet very engaging for your kids as they watch the story of the first thanksgiving come alive with their own little toy characters. Paper Roll Pilgrim and Indian Craft

Final Thoughts

Here at Rising Stride Child Care Centers, we believe kids learn best when they are having fun. All these crafts are designed to make learning fun, so your children can enjoy their time with you while they learn. Please let us know in the comment section below if you have more Thanksgiving craft ideas that you feel should be included in this list. Let’s celebrate this Thanksgiving holiday with a vibrant spirit and gather around the table to eat delicious food and share stories about the year that has gone by.