When the weather is cold, and you can’t spend time outside, it’s good to have a craft or two available to do with your preschooler. Here are my favorite winter crafts and activities to do with your toddler.

1. Winter Mittens

Mitten Craft with Printable Mitten Pattern for Kids | Fireflies and Mud Pies


Winter is the perfect season for mitten crafts! Kids of all ages—especially toddlers and preschoolers— will enjoy using our free printable mitten pattern, washable paint, and basic craft supplies such as sequins, stickers, and paper punches to create a colorful and fun mitten craft at home or school.

2. Winter Tree Finger Painting

Winter Tree Finger Painting: Unleash your creativity with ...


Tapping each branch with a little paint is great for working on fine motor skills.

3. Beaded Snowflake Ornament 

Snowflake beaded craft for fine motor and number sense practice.

This beaded snowflake ornament craft for kids is a great winter project that provides opportunities to work on fine motor skills and number sense.


4. Winter Bubble Snowy Tree

Winter Bubble Wrap Tree Kids Craft - Arty Crafty Kids

This winter tree art project uses bubble wrap as a painting medium to create a winter snow effect on a bare tree background.

It is beautiful in its simplicity and is a great exercise for young Arty Crafty Kids in developing fine motor skills and experimenting with different painting mediums.


5. Cotton Ball Penguin

White Cotton Ball Penguin - Kid Craft Tutorial w/Free Printable


This is a great craft you can use to teach your child how to properly use liquid glue. Teach them “Just a dot, not a lot!”

6. Hot Chocolate Buddy 

DIY Hot Chocolate Buddy | Brookshire Brothers


What’s better than a fun craft? A fun craft and snack in one! The fact that it also helps with fine motor skills is an extra bonus.