Model Healthy Electronic Use

Your child sees you as an example of almost anything they do. When they see you on your mobile phones the entire day, they will end up doing the same. Talk to your partner and family members to follow suit as well. Children tend to copy your habits as they think everything you do is okay. 

Educate Yourself on Electronics

Talking to kids about the dangers of too much screen time will eventually help you limit it. You need to educate yourself not just about the dangers but also about the basics of these electronic devices As your kids become aware of the dangers of too much screen time, show them other ways it can impact them. Having to wear glasses or getting headaches are two very common outcomes.

Create “Technology-Free Zones

In creating these ‘technology-free zones, make sure your child’s bedroom isn’t filled with all the electronic devices that will keep them from bedtime. They need to recognize the bedroom as a place of sleeping and not playing with electronic gadgets. You may start creating a playroom filled with physical toys instead of these gadgets.

Use Parental Controls

Make sure to protect your kids from viewing untrusted sites that might expose them to explicit content. Obtain their passwords and keep close monitoring of their online activities.  The moment you start using these parental controls, you are assured that your kids’ activities are monitored. Hopefully they will avoid any dangerous content with your oversight.


Encourage Other Activities

If your kids excel in other activities like sports or art, encourage them to do more of it. This way, it limit screen time for kids l. Enroll them to special activities so they can maximize their potential.

Try these activities

  1. singing

  2. guitar

  3. piano

  4. biking

  5. basketball

  6. volleyball

  7. board games

  8. dancing

  9. painting

This way, they will stay active and they won’t have much time to entertain digital temptations.


Make Screen Time a Privilege

Reward your child with the gadgets they really love. Try asking them to do some simple household chores like clearing the table, folding their laundry, organizing their toysor cleaning their rooms. After they finish their simple tasks, that’s when they can use their mobile devices or other electronic gadgets. Make a chart and let them see their results.rack their activities to encourage them to do more chores instead.