While many holidays have a big repertoire of activity inspiration on Pinterest for ideas to celebrate with your child, President’s Day tends to be overlooked. Here are some fun ways to celebrate President’sDay with your child.

  1. Go to the library. Check out books about former presidents from the library. Most libraries have great children’s books that introduce the child to some of our most famous U.S. presidents and their notable achievements.
  2. Draw a picture. There are many printable coloring pages online of former presidents. Find your favorite and color it while sharing with your child what you appreciate most about what that president contributed to our country.
  3. Watch a Presidents Day video. Here are some great teacher-approved videos about some of our presidents and about Presidents Day: https://www.simplykinder.com/presidents-day-videos/
  4. Elect a “President for the Day” at your house. Hold a ballot vote to decide who should be the president for the day in your home. You can even vote to have a president for just dinner if a day-long president seems like “too much.” While the (most likely) child is acting as president, talk about some of the challenges and opportunities that real life presidents face and have faced.
  5. Dress up in your U.S. garb.Break out the red, white, and blue. Today is a great day to dress up in your patriotic clothing and celebrate the U.S. presidents.
  6. Enjoy fun facts. Pull up a chair and read some of these fun facts about Presidents Day and our country’s former presidents: http://www.sylvanlearning.com/blog/idex.php/presidents_day_facts_for_kids/
  7. Write a poem about your favorite president. What rhymes with George Washington? Have fun making up short poems about your favorite presidents. “Abraham Lincoln, honest as can be. He lived in a log cabin, and helped the slaves be free!”
  8. Pull out your coins. Lay out one of each coin, then talk about some of the notable acts of the presidents whose faces are on those coins.