Earth Day takes place on April 22 each year. Traditionally, Earth Day is celebrated to recognize the achievements and goals of environmental conservation, raise awareness of continuing environmental needs, and honor the natural resources and beauty of our home planet

Earth Day provides an opportunity to recognize, teach, and learn about natural resources and to share compassion for all living things. Honoring Earth Day helps children to respond thoughtfully to the environment, increase their awareness of personal contributions, and appreciate their surroundings.

Let nature spark curiosity.

It’s important for children to embrace discovery, connection, and imagination. In doing so, children develop an understanding of the natural world, observe living things with care, and learn to respect and look after the environment. Let’s explore the great outdoors and be inspired by nature!

  • Discuss water conservation and ways to recycle or compost
  • Talk about environmental causes and advocacy
  • Discover patterns and colors found during a nature walk
  • Explore your backyard or community and how nature shapes your view
  • Study the seasonal changes in trees and talk about how they grow
  • Observe birds and their nests as they prepare for spring
  • Learn about animal habitats and other living things to give garden friends a happy home
  • Make a bug hotel to give garden friends a happy home

Expand your world with books.

Children’s literature can be a fantastic way to develop a closer relationship with nature too. Here are a few ideas to get you started on Earth Day: