• Teaching kids to eat well can be challenging. It’s important to show them how to make good choices, especially when we’re not there. Here are some easy ways for parents to help kids learn to pick smart and healthy foods independently.

Show Them What’s Good:

Kids watch what we do. When we eat healthy foods, they’re more likely to do the same. Eat a mix of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and lean proteins. Being a healthy eating role model is one of the best ways to teach kids good habits.

Cook Together:

Get kids involved in making meals. Let them wash veggies, stir ingredients, or pick recipes. Doing this helps them learn about different foods and how to make good choices.

Talk About Food Groups:

Teach kids about the different food groups and why they’re important. Use simple charts or colorful pictures to show how fruits, veggies, proteins, dairy, and grains help keep our bodies healthy.

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Choose Smart Snacks:

Snacks are a big part of what kids eat. Keep healthy snacks like fruit slices, yogurt, nuts, and whole-grain crackers around. Explain the difference between everyday snacks and treats so they can balance fun snacks with healthy ones.

Learn About Portions:

Teach kids about portion sizes. Show them what a right-sized serving looks like. Use easy comparisons, like a serving of chicken being the size of their palm or a portion of rice like a tennis ball.

Decide on Restaurant Meals Together:

When eating out, talk about the menu with your kids. Help them choose meals that have a mix of different foods. Teach them about portion sizes and sharing meals to avoid overeating.

Drink Smart:

Show kids how to make good drink choices. Water, milk, or diluted fruit juices are better than sugary sodas or too many fruit-flavored drinks. Explain why too much sugar isn’t good for their health.

Helping kids make good food choices is about leading by example, talking to them, and letting them be part of the decision-making. By doing this, parents can give their kids the skills to choose healthy foods on their own. Building good habits takes time, so be patient and encourage your kids along the way. Let’s help our kids eat smart and stay healthy!