Finding child care that offers you peace of mind, as well as security, in knowing your child is safe and learning can be a difficult task. Every parent knows that you’re worrying never stops concerning your child. However, at Rising Stride Child Care Centers, we will give you the dedicated staff and family-oriented atmosphere you and your child need to feel comfortable. With our safety-minded and fun activities, we can help stimulate your child’s mind. We work on connecting their sensory play, social, and learning skills together to help get them ready for each school year to come.


Having a family environment is essential to your child’s comfort and growth. We are passionate about providing you and your child with a family-oriented atmosphere. The love you share for your child is beyond what words could explain, which is why we thrive off of safety and family. Our mentors strongly believe that the children are our future and strive to be role models for them. Giving your child the support and freedom, they need to be themselves, try new things, and even make new friends builds their confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to excel! Building this family environment gives them the safe space to grow and learn, enriching their lives. With plenty of room for siblings 5 and under, your children are sure to love our Child Care Centers.


Early childhood education can help your child’s development in a number of ways. No matter what age your child is, we offer curated, fun, and innovative learning experiences. At Rising Stride we work hard to curate a curriculum that best suits your child and their learning styles. A child that has the opportunity to participate in early childhood education has shown improved social skills and performance in school. It’s a great way to start implementing essential life skills that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Early childhood education is a great way to give your child a safe and loving environment to play, grow, and learn!


A child’s curiosity is a beautiful thing, and by asking their questions, it sparks their interest in learning. An impulsive question of curiosity is actually one of the best ways to retain your new knowledge. Providing your child with a fun learning environment promotes this natural curiosity and love for learning. Rising Stride Child Care Centers, uses engaging and fun activities, which means we are able to spark the interest and involvement of all our children here, giving them an enjoyable and memorable learning experience. Providing your child with fun in their learning environment has a large positive effect on their motivation. Having fun while learning is a unique cognitive resource, promoting the excitement of learning for a lifetime.


At Rising Stride Child Care Centers, we strive to provide your family with the support you deserve and the flexibility you need. Offering early childhood development, preschool, and kindergarten ready programs, we can offer you the flexibility you need as a parent. No matter your scheduling needs, we can provide your child with the care and attention they need. With full-time and part-time options available, we offer you the support you deserve. Offered in our Woodlyn and Drexel Hill areas, you are sure to find higher learning that exceeds your expectations.