When the children are restless and full of energy, exercise can be a great way to expend that extra energy!  Not to mention exercise for kids provides many health benefits.  Just like adults, kids need to remain physically active in order for them to stay healthy.  Physical activity not only affects heart health, but it also affects healthy weight, mental positivity, helps with sleep and so much more. To encourage exercise for kidsRising Stride suggests that parents limit time playing games or watching cartoons.

Keep reading for Rising Stride tips to help improve your kid’s exercise activities.

Tips on Exercise for Kids and Activity Ideas

One thing to remember is that kids should engage in exercises appropriate for their age.   There are many different exercise activities to try with your kids. Just remember to make it fun!  Some exercise activities we recommend are aerobic activities. Aerobic activities include jumping rope, riding a bicycle, and skipping rope. Skipping rope is a great exercise even for younger children. Just be sure to buy jump rope that is the correct length for your little ones.

If your child is between the ages six and twelve, consider enrolling them in activities such as karate or ninja classes.  Of course, this will also depend on their interests. Maybe your child loves basketball or hockey.  Nurture their athletic interests and talents, and consider contacting your child’s school or the local athletics club in your area to see what types of sports and activities are available. Additional activities that are excellent sources of exercise for kids are swimming and gymnastics, and last but not least, family walks.

Home Workouts for Kids

Check out workouts made just for kids. You only need some basic things like an exercise mat and an exercise ball. Pick a space in your house where you can exercise with your kids and get started!

An exercise ball is great, and your child will enjoy playing with them.  Try doing the bounce exercise. This involves you and your child sitting on separate exercise balls. Stretch on your toes and then proceed to bend until you touch the ground. Repeat this as many times as possible.

Rising Stride’s additional fun exercise for kids include jumping jacks. Count out ten jumping jacks or more as you encourage your kid to jump. You could also try out some planks. Ask your child to hold himself up on his palms and toes and then to pose as you count up to ten. This helps in core strengthening and so much more!

Benefits of Exercise for Kids

Strengthens The Heart

Regular exercise will strengthen your child’s heart, making their heart more efficient. The heart is a muscle, just like any other.  In order to keep a healthy heart, exercise is important. Strengthening the heart helps prevent heart disease, which is among the leading causes of death even in early childhood. Note that exercises reduce the amount of dangerous cholesterol and fats in your blood. By reducing the level of harmful cholesterol, the flexibility of the walls of the blood vessels is increased. Exercise for kids also lowers blood pressure.  Be careful not to over-exercise and remember that endurance is built over time.

Mental Wellbeing

Exercise has a positive effect when it comes to promoting mental health in children. As your child exercises, their brain releases feel-good chemicals.  Endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine help to make you feel happier and relaxed. Furthermore, through exercise, children are more prone to have a good night’s sleep.  Getting the right amount of sleep helps to promote alertness and increases energy levels during the day.

Exercise for Kids Strengthens the Bones

Muscles and bones grow stronger when they are physically stressed. Having a regular exercise routine will help your child’s bones grow stronger. The increased bone density, which occurs as a result of frequent exercising in children, also helps to prevent osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a condition that results in the bones losing density and weakening, becoming fragile and porous. Starting an exercise for kids’ routine early on is so important for your child’s development.

Strong Mind

Apart from exercise for kids helping to increase overall health, it also helps to boost your child’s brain power. By increasing your child’s mood and attention to detail, your child is able to perform better at school because their concentration levels are increased. As parents, setting aside time to exercise with your kids, can also help to boost their confidence and learn a thing or two from their parents. Lastly, it helps to improve your bond with the child.

Final Notes on Exercise for Kids

Understanding the benefits of exercise for kids and how it promotes more than just a healthy body for your child is a lesson every parent should be aware of.  Have fun with your child and find an exercise routine that you can enjoy together. Rising Stride Child Care Centers believes exercise leads to healthiness and happiness for your little ones!