Reading with your children is a great way to develop their love of books, language and learning. It’s fun for them and for you. Perhaps you already read with your preschool kids. Don’t stop there! Even after children learn to read, many still enjoy sharing a good story with a parent or sibling.

At Rising Stride, we integrate language and literacy learning into our Child Care Centers. Our preschool and school age classrooms have ample opportunities to read, write, learn and enjoy a good book.

Get Into a Reading Routine

If you haven’t made reading with your children a habit, now’s the time to start. Here are some tips to get you and your kids into a reading groove.

  • A time and place: Have a set time and place for reading. Put together a reading nook. The nook can be as simple as a well-lit spot with a comfortable chair or two and a basket of books. Choose a time of day, such as before bed, when you’re not rushed. You can read more often, but having a dedicated time and place just for reading sets up a child’s expectations.
  • Keep kids engaged: As you read, point to pictures in the book. If your child doesn’t read yet, ask her what’s happening in the pictures. Ask her what she thinks might happen next. Have your child say words with you.
  • Take turns at storytelling: Let your school age child read to you. Let younger kids tell a story based on pictures in the book or from memory. Even if it’s just a page or two, give you child the chance to take charge of the narrative.
  • Start early: Babies and toddlers may not understand all the words on a page, but they’ll certainly enjoy spending time with you as you read. Babies and kids are language-learning machines. They’ll quickly expand their vocabulary just by listening as you read.
  • Talk about the story: When you come to the end of a book, encourage children to discuss the story. Ask which passages, pictures or characters were their favorites. Discuss what the characters in the story might do after the end of the story.
  • Keep it fun: Reading together should never feel like a chore. Your time together should be fun, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyable. Keep it playful by reading with expression. Give each character a distinct voice. Both you and your child will treasure time spent together reading.

Find a Good Book!

Let your child pick out books. Go to a bookstore or library and explore the kids’ section.

The Delaware County Libraries has resources to help parents and kids find interesting titles. Each month the library produces a themed list of titles new to their collection. The list is broken down by themed books, kids’ books and reading challenges. Also, check out our recommendations of classic titles for kids ages 3-5.

Rising Stride Child Care Centers, provides a safe, enriching learning environment. Contact us today to learn more about our preschool and school age programs.