Screen-based apps and games are popular among children of all ages and help keep kids engaged and occupied. But it’s important to also incorporate plenty of non-screen activities into a child’s day; by doing so, you are helping improve their learning skills. Below, learn about the link between non-screen activities and learning, as well as some fun tech-free ideas to include in your childcare routine.


Non-Screen Activities & Learning

Excessive screen time can hinder a child’s ability to observe the world and experience the typical activities needed to learn. This can result in a sort of tunnel vision that negatively impacts their learning skills and overall development. Non-screen activities require a child to use their cognitive and memory skills in more direct ways, leading to better learning outcomes. 

They also often involve interacting with others and face-to-face communication, improving interpersonal skills and building relationships. With a screen, it’s much easier for a child to “check out” while they are focused on the device; non-screen activities demand attention and presence, enhancing mindful qualities that keep a child engaged and involved in their learning and academic success.


Non-Screen Activity Ideas

Putting together a game box, shelf, or cabinet will give a child a large resource of non-tech tools to boost their learning skills. Stock it with plenty of coloring books, board games, puzzles, and playing cards. During your daily childcare routine, encourage the child to explore their game box and try a fun, hands-on activity. Most kids love a treasure hunt. Write out a series of clues, hide them around your home, and have your child figure out each one until they reach a small prize at the end. This will increase their problem-solving abilities, encourage teamwork and planning, and build their resilience, determination, and self-esteem.


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